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Fraudulent Workmans Compensation claims can cost an employer up to 10 times the employees salary and the CSST rarely investigate such claims.

We provide surveillance on the subject in question and wait for him/her to exit their home or office, following the subject wherever they go watching their every movement. Everything is being documented including photos and video.

Insurance fraud has existed ever since the beginning of insurance as a commercial entreprise. Fraudulent claims account for a significant portion of all claims received by insurers, and cost billions of dollars each year. the types of insurance have become very diverse, and occur in all areas of insurance.

​Insurance claims also range in severity, from slightly exaggerating claims to deliberately causing accidents or damage. If you own or operate a business and are having claims you believe to be possibly fraudulent, contact me for a free consultation, We could be the solution you have been looking for.

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Claim: Back Injury

Claim: Back Injury

Claim: Neck Injury

Claim: Knee / leg Injury

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