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Child Custody

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Child Custody/Child Abuse:

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When it comes to child custody, the best interests of the child is the main factor. If you have reason to believe that your spouse is unfit to take care of your child for any reason, then you should consider a private investigator. The investigator can potentially prove your allegations with objective legal evidence. When tensions are high and accusations are made, hard evidence could be necessary to protect your child from an unhealthy enviroment. Our investigator assigned to your case will work with you to keep your child away from an abusive situation.

Child Support:

Regarding child support and deadbeat parents our investigators do research on the subject as well as conduct a surveillance in order to verify daily spending habits and activity including employment and much more................ Our objective is to provide evidence to indicate that the subject has no valid reason to not pay his or her child support.


Surveillance is requested when a spouse has reason to believe that their better half could be having an affair with another individual. Experienced investigators in surveillance obtain the facts for their clients which often enough turns out to be founded. The photographs and or video provided by the investigator along with a documented report of the evidence can be used in a court of law with the clients attorney, as well as bring closure for our client to move forward with their lives.

Teenage Drugs:

​Do you suspect that your teenage son or daughter may be having a problem with drugs or alcohol abuse. Contact us today and we will investigate your childs activity. often their are signs to look for such as  problems at school, missing class, getting poor grades, increased secrecy concerning friends and possessions, changes in sleep patterns, increased need for money, change in their personality or attitude,physical appearance and more. We have helped many families who are in this situation with their children and who cannot believe that this can happen to them.


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