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Frequently asked questions

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    Is it legal for a Private Investigator to place a GPS tracker on a vehicle ?
    GPS Trackers can only be attached to a vehicle if the registered owner of that vehicle gives written consent. Reputable Private Investigators will not deploy a GPS unit unless it is legal..............
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    Are Private Investigators required to have a Licence by law in Canada ?
    To work in Canada as a private investigator you must have a valid licence. The licence is issued by the Government Department which administers provincial investigation legislation.
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    Can a P.I. testify in court ?
    YES a private investigator can testify in court his findings based on the investigation he was mandated to perform on behalf of his or her client.
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    How much do Private Investigators Charge for their services ?
    Depending on the work experience of the Private Investigator, the cost for services are usually by the hour and can range between $ 50.00 - $125.00 per investigator.
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    What is the difference between a Private Investigator and a Police Investigator?
    Police investigators provide a public service and are employed by a Police Department, whereas Licensed Private Investigators are self employed, with many working for Investigation Agencies.
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    What is The Peoples Investigator
    The name is a registered trademark in Canada. Private Investigators working under this trademark, are selected for their experience and integrity for the various services they provide.
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    Should a contract be provided when you decide to hire an Investigator?
    It is wise to always have a contract to protect yourself as well as to protect the private investigator. Professional investigators will provide you with their contract .
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    Are Investigations Confidential & Discreet ?
    All investigators should provide their services to their client confidentially and discreetly, unless the client gives written permission otherwise.
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