Helping people is what we do !



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My associates and i provide individuals with a personalized confidential & discreet investigation service

​                     HELPING PEOPLE IS WHAT WE DO !

As private investigators first and formost we dedicate our services to helping individuals obtain the truth using various investigative techniques. Our investigators unlike many have the necessary skills for the services they provide. Some with backgrounds in Law Enforcement and others with years of experience as Private Investigators.

Providing the truth to our clients regarding their request to conduct an investigation is important to us. We will first evaluate your request, before going any further.The investigator assigned to your case will be in contact with you on a continual basis in addition to meeting with you.

​Unfortunately in all types of investigation their is never a guarantee as to the outcome. The facts are not always what you may be thinking until the investigation has ended and we have the evidence gathered from the work we have done.

Investigators who accept a contract when there is no reasonable grounds risk being reprimanded by their professional order.

Private Investigators are legitimate and have the right to conduct investigations when there are reasonable grounds to believe an injustice was committed.

​Private Investigators have the right not to identify themself unless they are asked point blank, at which time they must show their badge (BSP Identification).

Private Investigators do not have to disclose information as to if they are following someone, who hired them and what information they are providing their client with. The contract/mandate between their client and themselves is private and confidential.

Tel: (514) 225-6947 or  Toll free: 1-888-748-3320