David D. Peard



Customer Reviews

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    Mr. J. Ham
    Your investigation was very professional. I would like to thank-you and your team for their excellent and prompt service regarding the surveillance provided.
  2. 2
    George Jensen
    The investigator you provided me with did a very good job for my company, in gathering the evidence i needed regarding a false insurance claim. CHEERS DAVID !
  3. 3
    Heather Robinson
    The video you provided me with at the end of your investigation was indeed a fact, something i knew all along and thanks to you David i am moving ahead in my life with my two beautiful children.
  4. 3
    Caroline P.
    Merci pour votre investigation !
  5. 4
    Broken Heart
    Rather not say my name Mr. Peard but i do want to thank-you for your help with my situation. The investigation was truly professional in addition to the research your associate provided me with.
  6. 5
    John Cunningham
    What a blast ! the investigator working on my file had a great personality and really knew his business in a weird kind of way. It was an excellent investigation and all jokeing aside David, i would recommend your services to everyone.
  7. 7
    Robert Stanley
    Talented investigator you hooked me up with David. He did an excellent job for my company. Without hesitation i will call you again should i require the services of a true professional service provider.
  8. 8
    Mary Brown
    The woman you provided me with was excellent iin doing the job at hand. I think her attitude was a bit to direct however i have no complaints as to the outcome of her investigation.
  9. 9
    Ginger Graham
    Not very happy with the investigators result after he spent a week working on my case. So i tried someone else with another investigation organization who came up with a similar end result as before.
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