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What We Do

Corporate, Criminal & Domestic Investigations

The Peoples Investigator provides professional investigation services by experienced licensed private investigators in the Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto regions in Canada. Bonded, Insured and Licensed Agencies with only a select group of professional and talented investigators who have impeccable backgrounds experience and integrity. ​

No matter how difficult your case may be, an Investigator from one of our teams can help you and provide you with the hard evidence you need in order to proceed with your attorney in a courtroom, or simply to bring closure in your life. The Peoples Investigator is the name you can trust and depend on to get the facts.

My associates and i can help you find missing persons and estranged loved ones, we can conduct surveillance for such matters as Infidelity, Workers Compensation Claims, and more...............

If you require the services of a private investigator in the Montreal,Ottawa or Toronto regions of Canada, please contact us at our toll free number for information with regards to our services, or to meet with an experienced professional Investigator in person.

​                                                                Confidential and Discreet 
​                                                        Toll free: 1-800-998-6519 

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Head Office Montreal: (514) 225-6947

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